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Northern Farming Lifestyles

July 2021

Taranaki Farming Lifestyles

July 2021

Manawatu Farming Lifestyles

July 2021

Waikato Farming Lifestyles

July 2021

Hawke's Bay Farming Lifestyles

June 2021

We are publishers of innovative rural and farming lifestyle publications across New Zealand.

Integrity Community Media is a 100% wholly-owned New Zealand company.

Rural New Zealand is a place with many stories, above and beyond the vital information which advises our farming community. Alongside the professional opinions, new innovations and political news of the moment there are so many tales of hard work, success, determination and invention, fuelled by the ingenuity and strength of rural Kiwis doing things differently.

That’s why our publications are different, too — not just a source of valuable information delivered direct to tens of thousands of rural addresses each month, but also filled with the kind of stories which reflect the spirit of New Zealand farming, across everything from horticulture to dairying, cheesemaking to viticulture, and everything in-between. We’re not just about the farming business, we’re about the farming life.

We believe in successful rural communities. We believe that our technology-driven publications and media centres can assist in building them; and we know from experience that the people who live in such communities love reading about the success of people like them.